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Navigating Essential Oils/Natural Fragrance & Fragrance Oils/Fragrance Blends

Essential Oil and Natural Fragrance, Fragrance Oil De-Mystified!

"Essential Oils" are naturally derived from plant bark, leaves, skin, or petals of the plant-typically by steam distillation. Essential oils are usually a single plant oil; for example Orange Essential Oil is obtained from the skin of the Orange.

"Aroma Chemicals" are any natural isolates or synthetics which have an aroma. The natural isolates are removed either mechanically (distillation) or chemically (hydrolysis) from a natural essential oil or product and can be further modified to produce other aroma chemicals.

"Fragrance" or "Fragrance Blend" lets the buyer know that the scent is either entirely man-made, or a fusion of Natural Fragrances and Synthesized Fragrance. For instance, "Gardenia Fragrance Blend" is a blend of synthesized fragrances & natural essential oils.

There are over 3500 materials (aroma chemicals, essential oils and essential oil components) that are approved for use in fragrance oils. Each individual ingredient is tested irritation, solvency, absorption; for physical characteristics like flash point, specific gravity, and flammability; as well as carcinogenic indicators, etc.

Once an ingredient is fully tested, the results are published in a peer-reviewed journal. The ‘RIFM' which stands for Research Institute for Fragrance Materials Performs the tests. The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) takes the data and reports from RIFM, evaluates it and publishes guidelines for usage. IFRA will make recommendations for which raw materials are safe to use in fragrance oils. Often, what is safe for potpourri will not be safe for the skin.

•The FDA requires that Essential Oils must be listed separately on labels, but if a blend of Essential Oils is used in a product and not listed seperately, it will be labeled "FRAGRANCE".

Salty Sister-USA creates many proprietary -our own recipe- blends of oils We use the term "Fragrance, Fragrance Blend, Fragrance Oil" in our products. When you see "fragrance"or "fragrance blend". Oils used in Salty Sister-USA products, are always PHTHALATE FREE, Skin-Safe and FD&C approved.