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What's in Our Soap?

Salty Sister - USA starts with High Quality (NO GMO's) and/or Organically Produced Oils

Olive Oil: is an emollient used for mildness. Olive oil will make your soap feel moisturized.

Coconut Oil: makes Big, Fluffy, Creamy bubbles and contributes to the hardness of the bar.

Organic Palm Oil: is used to create hardness in a bar. We use only organic, sustainable palm oil to reduce effects of over harvesting and Rain Forest deforestation.

Sunflower Oil: is another oil used for mildness, but is lighter in feel than olive oil.

Shea Butter: is used for making a luxurious and creamy feeling bar of soap. The more shea in the formula, the less lather. Sensitive skin often responds well to a bar with a higher concentration of shea butter.

Hemp Oil: is used for it's silky feeling and it smells good! Only unrefined hemp oil is used in our soaps to avoid chemical contamination from the refining process.